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Shandong Zhengtai Xier Special Purpose Vehicle Company car modified to change a new world


Reform and innovation is a strong driving force to promote enterprise development. In recent years, located in Zhucheng Shandong Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is Tai Xier always pursue the "quality of the root, honesty, good service, science and technology innovation" concept of development, relying on excellent quality and innovation, and constantly develop new products , enhance the level of manufacturing technology equipment. The production of refrigerated trucks are Taixi Er, insulation truck, blasting equipment, vehicles, caravans, wagons, Van Truck, vehicle lift trucks, power trucks, maintenance vehicles, warehouse gate car, tent-style wings on cars and car type vehicles, and other special-purpose vehicles, are exported to South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, more than 20 regions, a special vehicle refitting industry in Shandong Province and the national leader in the field of modified car most powerful of the companies.

Innovator striving to catch up with advanced level