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Refrigerated truck body


Germaney Technology

ISO9001:2000, TS/ISO16949:2002, CCC

Material: Color Steel Sheet EPS, FRP EPS, FRP PU

Refrigerated and Insulated Truck Body Performance:

1. Outer/inner skin is FRP panel 
2. Polyurethane insulated ,PU foam density 45kg/m3
3. 304 stainless steel locks ,hinges,door frame, wrap angle

4. Aluminium alloy Edge Protector

5. EPDM rubber door seal

6. Thickness: 60mm ,80mm,100mm

7. Side door is optional

8. Light in weight: 40% lighter than metal body.

9. Better insulation:  K value less than 0.3w/m2k..

10. High in strength and long life: 5 times longer than metal body.

11. Non-corrosion, non-pollution, anti-brine, acid and soda-resisting.

12. Easy to be assembled and repaired at site.

Products can be shipped in CBU (completely built up) and CKD (completely knock down) type.

Temperature range,-18C--+25C

Our truck body have been widely exported to India, Philippines, Pakistan, Yemen, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Tanzania as well as many other countries in Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa.

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